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Sustainable steel roofing in Maine

For more than a century steel has essentially served as the nation's backbone. Steel is what the railroad tracks were made of, which crisscrossed the country and made it possible to transport goods in ways never seen before. Steel are what the beams are made of that build the skyscrapers that line the landscapes of our big cities. In the end, steel is perhaps what has made this country what it is today.

It was not that long ago when the only roofing options a homeowner had was asphalt shingles. Today, steel is used in numerous ways, and one of the most popular is in the form of roofing. Steel roofing in Maine, is a great alternative to other roofing types and styles (i.e. slate roofing, tile roofing, etc.) One of the biggest benefits of having steel roofing is that it tends to be more durable and sustainable than other types of roof- and, if you ever have the urge to replace a steel roof altogether, than it is completely recyclable.

Types of metal steel roofing in Maine

The most common type of steel roofing in Maine is what is known as standing seam steel roofing. This type of steel roofing is significant because it is used on homes and it features panels of steel, or other metals such as tin or aluminum, that cover the entire roof. The steel panels are all connected by fasteners, which are actually raised higher than the seams, thus the name: standing seam.

The different types of steel roofing all depend on what kind of fasteners are used. The two main types of steel roofing in Maine are concealed fastened steel roofing and exposed fastened steel roofing. Both types work in the same way, the only difference is the aesthetics that are desired by the homeowner.

There is also the issue of pre-formed steel panels and site-formed steel panels. Pre-formed steel panels are roofing panels that are formed in a factory, while site-formed steel panels are roofing panels that are built on-site, at the home, and are therefore customized for a home in particular and is more expensive than the other option.

The advantages of steel roofing for your Maine home

The main advantage are the seams themselves, which mean that the roof will be more secure and less prone to leaks and other weaknesses. Steel roofing in Maine also tends to look much more sleek and attractive, due to the straight lines that are achieved with the roofing materials. Steel roofing also tends to be more durable, not as expensive as other roofing material options and is more energy efficient.

Contractors tend to charge more for the installation of standing seam steel roofing in Maine, which will drive up the overall costs. As far as aesthetics go, the industrial look of steel roofing may not be everyone's cup of tea, and there are not many color options available where steel roofing is concerned. Also, it can still be damaged by falling limbs and other factors.

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