Slate Roofing Contruction in Maine

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For homeowners in Maine, slate roofing has become a realistic option.

Although it is considered one of the most desired roofing materials, for many homeowners in Maine, slate roofing seems to be out of touch and is not always considered as a roofing option.

Slate is desirable for several reasons, durability being one of the major reasons. In Maine, slate roofing durability is especially important because of the dramatic seasonal changes that create intensely sunny, hot summers, frigid, icy winters with heavy snowfall, lush trees and their branches, leaves, and excessive shading that damage roofs. In addition, some roofing materials are sensitive to the coastal salt air and occasional severe 'Nor'Easter.

Slate is also desirable because it's a natural product, and for Maine, slate roofing is a local product. Slate comes in a variety of naturally attractive colors, including gray, blue-gray, shades of green, deep purple, red, and mottled varieties. In Maine, slate roofing is often seen in a striking shade of blue-black, which is native to the area.

Slate Roof Contractors in Portland Maine

Still, for many homeowners in Maine, slate roofing never joins their list of options. A prime reason for this is cost. It is known to be an expensive product that requires costly professional installation by skilled experienced specialty roofers. Another reason is the weight of slate. For many homes in Maine, slate roofing is considered to be too heavy for the structure to support.

Both issues have been dealt with through modern engineering. Concerning weight, for even the average, lightly constructed home in Maine, slate roofing is now an option. Slate is installed so that half of each heavy tile is hidden under another. Now, that half has been replaced with a lightweight engineered waterproof piece that lightens the entire weight of a roof significantly. The slate that we see and that is exposed to the weather is still natural and as durable as ever, and so nothing is lost by replacing the unexposed portion of the tile.

Quality Slate Roof Replacements and Repairs

This same engineering technique has drastically reduced the cost of slate, since you are now paying for half the amount of slate that you formerly were charged for. In fact, because imitation slate roofing costs so much to manufacture to mimic the real stone, engineered real slate roofing now costs about the same as imitation slate. So for budget-conscious homeowners in Maine, slate roofing really is a realistic option.

Slate is tough, but not immune to damage and wear. Choosing the right slate and having it properly installed can help you to avoid future problems. Mineral impurities, which cause slates to be weak, are difficult to detect without visiting a quarry, however you can check the quality by inspecting a pallet, looking for the condition of the corners of the tiles, and counting the number of broken tiles. In addition, don't let anyone install your roof who hasn't worked extensively with slate tiles. Take the time to check their references and credentials.

For homeowners in Maine, slate roofing is no longer a dream but a real possibility!

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