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Facts about slate and why slate roofing for Maine homes makes sense.

Slate roofing in Maine has been popular historically. Governmental and institutional building are often seen with slate roofing in Maine because they are chosen for their extremely long durability and their timeless, stately beauty that enhances classic architecture.

Slate is an especially desirable roofing material in Maine because slate roofing, in Maine, is a local, natural product. Quarries in Maine produce the natural stone used in slate roofing. Maine slate, in fact, is especially desirable because of its most predominant color, a striking deep blue-gray.

Because of its durability and beauty, traditional slate is not inexpensive. It can run as high or higher than $600 for a square, which is a 10-foot by 10-foot surface area. Compare this to wood shingles, which can cost less than $100 a square, and asphalt shingles, which run from $80 to $300 a square. This, is one reason that many people avoid choosing slate for their roofs. This is too bad because slate roofing on Maine houses is ideal for protecting them from the harsh elements found in the dramatic seasonal changes the state experiences.

Replacement Slate Roofing in Southern Maine

Expensive installation is also a deterrent to using slate. Slate roofing in Maine homes requires highly skilled and experienced professional roofers who specialize in slate. An additional deterrent is the weight of the material, which makes it prohibitive for many lightly constructed homes.

With technology, the nature of slate roofing products in Maine is making a more sensible option for many homeowners. The weight of slate has been reduced by replacing the half of the slate that is hidden under another slate by lightweight, waterproof material. This cuts the weight nearly in half, making it an option for most any home. This same technology reduces the amount of slate needed to cover a roof, and this adds up to saving.

An engineered slate roof now costs about the same as an imitation, plastic roof designed to look like the real thing. It makes more sense to invest in the real slate, with the benefit of a stronger and longer lasting roof, rather than spend the money on an imitation that looks really good but doesn't have the properties of real slate.

Expert Maine Slate Roofing Installation Contractor

If you are considering slate roofing, a Maine roofing contractor with the appropriate knowledge and experience can help you choose a top quality grade and will be able to professionally install it and help you with a proper maintenance program. A reputable roofing contractor will save you in the long run, because poor grade slate and improper installation are the two key factors in slate roofing failure.

Slate roofing on Maine homes adds a level of sophistication that not many roofs can compete with. By choosing slate you can enjoy the confidence of a roof that is known hold up for the longest periods of time. Think of it! There are many hundred-year-old building sheltered under their original slate roofing. Maine homeowners only need to look around their historical centers to believe in the value of slate roofing.

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