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The Bottom Line: Roofing Prices in Maine

Roofs come in all shapes and forms, and therefore they also come in all different price ranges. The goal for most homeowners is to have a roof that is low maintenance, affordable and as durable as possible. Each type of roofing material comes with their own pros and cons, and much of it depends on personal tastes and preferences in the end. All roofing materials will get the job done, but some are much higher performing than others.

So, when keeping that in mind, there are many things that should be considered when investing in a new roof: the labor costs, the costs for the raw materials, the shape and size of the roof, the region in which you live and the weather in that region, among other considerations. Also, if the home has a chimney (like many in Maine do) it will also cost more in the end. The first step is to determine what type of material and what kind of style you would like your home to have. This will give you a rough estimate of the basic costs for the raw materials, and will come in handy if you are operating on a strict budget.

The most affordable roofing prices in Maine

Of all the materials available, asphalt and concrete shingles are the least expensive. Most homes in Maine feature shingle roofing styles because of its affordability and familiarity. But, while the popularity of asphalt and concrete shingles can be attributed to the price, there are other benefits to it as well. For one thing, the aesthetic that is given by shingles is very attractive to people who prefer a cleaner look for the roof of their home. Concrete and asphalt shingles also offer the widest selection of colors and options.

Benefits: clean aesthetic, the most affordable of all the options, low maintenance, more choices

Disadvantages: more prone to weather damage (i.e. getting blown off in winds, broken by falling limbs, weakens under exposure to heat.)

The middle range of roofing prices in Maine

Metal roofing is one of the fastest growing trends in terms of roofing in Maine. Homes across the state- from Portland to Caribou- have been opting for metal roofs (aluminum, zinc and steel.) You can expect to pay between $250 and $350 per square foot for quality metal roofing, but it may be worth it in the end. There are other composite tiles that are just as expensive as metal roofing, but do not feature many of the benefits that metal roofing does.

Benefits: More durable, less prone to leaks and water damage, sustainable, will not catch on fire

Disadvantages: More costly in terms of installation

The Highest Quality Maine Roofing Materials

On the high end are copper metal roofing and slate tile roofing. These types are heavy, strong and very expensive. Do not be surprised if the costs per square foot go into the $500-ish range.

Benefits: The most durable, natural look, lasts a long time

Disadvantages: High maintenance, high cost

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