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Roofing Materials: Maine Homeowners' Best Options

When it comes to replacing your roof, or when building your dream home, one of the decisions you will make will be choosing roofing materials. Maine presents challenges in doing this because of its dramatic seasonal climate changes, proximity to the coast and its salt air, and unpredictably severe 'NorEaster's'. These issues must be taken into account, along with many others when choosing which roofing materials in Maine are ideal for you.

The Three Main Issues to Consider When Choosing your Roofing Materials

Climate and weather. Your roof must be able to withstand a heavy snow load in the winter, driving rain the spring, glaring sun and humidity in the summer, and very possible a heavy buildup of leaves and tree debris in the fall. The ideal durable and long-lasting roofing materials Maine has to offer include seamless metal roofing and slate. Asphalt shingles also durable, but has a tendency to curl due to the salt air and so are better for areas furthest from the coast. Wood shingles are a beautiful addition, but weather more rapidly due to the conditions.

Price. Price is a significant consideration, and one that will affect your choice. However, keep in mind that you may save money overall if you choose from the more expensive roofing materials.

Maine takes a toll on roofing, and although you can save money by using something like super-economical rolled asphalt membrane rather than pricey slate, the repairs and replacements costs might far exceed the initial investment. In addition, there may be look-alike materials that are priced differently. This could be because of the supplier's pricing, but it could also indicate the quality of the materials themselves. Make sure you check out the grade/quality of the product before making a choice.

Best Maine Roofing Materials, Installations and Repair

Style and aesthetics. The architectural style of your home is going to be a factor when choosing roofing materials. Maine homes most often have pitched roofs, some of them quite steep. A pitched roof is not suitable to rolled roofing, no matter how much you might want to save money. There are exceptions; some homes are built with flat or slightly sloped roofs and are more suited to trolled membrane roofing or asphalt shingles.

The choices are not limited to archtectural style, however; the roof is an integral part of your home's overall design, and style will influence your choice in roofing materials. Maine homeowners often choose wood shingles simply because of the rustic and nautical look that they offer. Metal roofs are popular as a style for mountain homes and rustic cabins. Only you will know which roofing materials Maine offers will suit your home's appearance.

There may be other considerations when choosing roofing materials. In Maine, for example, there are often homeowner associations that require that homes use the same roofing materials, or one of a limited choice, in order to keep the neighborhood home appearances uniform. Overall, once you've determined the first three and most important issues you will have confidence in a roof that suits you, your budget, and your home.

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