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roofing jobs in maine

Looking for a career in Maine? Roofing jobs could be your answer.

For those of you who are looking to build a career in Maine, roofing jobs are worth consideration. The roofing industry in Maine has remained steady throughout a struggling economy. This is because the weather and climate in Maine cause excessive deterioration in roofing, and repairs and replacements are in constant demand.

In Maine, roofing jobs are not for everyone, however. The dramatic seasonal changes make working outdoors in the elements, especially on the top of a roof, challenging for many. You will be working in the blazing sun in the summer, on snowy and ice-sheeted roofs in the winter, dealing with occasional severe winds and battling the effects of trees on roofs, which cause mold and fungal growth and leaf buildup, which are all slippery and precarious to work on.

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You will need a set of skills to even consider working as a roofer in Maine. Roofing jobs require people who have good carpenter skills, better balance, and a lack of fear of heights. Maine roofing jobs are labor intensive and require you to be physically fit and healthy. As mentioned earlier, you must be tolerant of weather conditions and prepared to be out there under any circumstances. In particular, emergency repairs tend to happen during and just following severe weather conditions, and it is in these conditions that you might be perched on the peak of a roof.

As with any area, Maine roofing jobs are not just about new construction. You will be weatherizing, sealing, cleaning, and repairing or replacing roofs, flashings and anything that might penetrate a roof, such as skylights, chimneys, and vents. You will also be called upon to give advice and suggestions for materials, repair options, and budgeting. For this reason, an education program is highly recommended.

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In Maine, roofing jobs are most available to those who undergo a combination of schooling and apprenticeship. It takes a minimum of 144 classroom hours and 2000 on-the-job hours to become a skilled roofer. Some opt for, and are well-trained from a solid, steady, three-year apprenticeship.

If you're a woman, don't let the physical challenges of a roofing career deter you. Maine roofing jobs are dominated by, but not limited to males. Women who are physically fit make excellent roofers, and sometimes surpass men. They are often more agile, which makes traversing a roof easier. They tend to have a strong work ethic in male-dominated career choices and so strive for excellence in all they do. More and more, roofing companies are looking for women to fill their Maine roofing job openings.

Maine roofing jobs will not make you rich, but the income is decent. The average roofer earns $30,000-plus per year and if you work for a well-established company your job will often offer you benefits. With time, experience and business knowledge it is possible to start your own company. At that point, depending on your drive, business acumen, and local market, the income potential becomes unlimited.

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