How to find the Best Roofers in Maine

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Simple steps to get the most out of your roof replacement

Finding good roofers in Maine is a little more complicated than picking someone off of Craigslist or out of the parking lot at your local do-it-yourself center. Hunting and pecking through the yellow pages and online is also not the best method. Your home is one of your most valuable investments, and the single most critical protection for it is the roof. A quality roof will not only shelter your home and protect your home from damage, it will raise its value and save you money over the years.

Good roofers in Maine invest the time and expense into obtaining the required licenses and certifications, as well as an adequate insurance policy. This helps them to build business and a good reputation. For you, however, it is even more important. Without a licensed contractor, you can seek no legal recourse in the case of poor workmanship or other contract disputes. Without insurance you become liable for any damage or injury that happens on your property.

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Good roofers in Maine have good reputations and plenty of references. This comes from years of experience and customer satisfaction. Don't rely on written testimonials that can be faked. In addition, don't rely on the word of one or two strangers. Try to find people you know in the community who have had work done by this contractor. If this isn't possible, ask for customers who are willing to provide phone references, and call a random number of them. Happy customers are usually more than willing to share their experience through a brief phone call.

Good roofers in Maine have extensive knowledge of the area and the affects of climate, weather, snow load, driving rain, and heavy leaf build-up on roofs. They will know which materials will be best for your particular structure by having a strong understanding about architecture. They will be able to answer questions about added protection, such as ice and water shields and roof deck protection. They will also be honest if there is a specialty that they are not competently trained for or skilled at.

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Good roofers in Maine have a well-structured pricing system and can explain the components of a bid. They offer a fair price that they can back up with evidence. They also invest in skilled, experienced staff and quality equipment.

Good roofers in Maine back up their work with guarantees and warranties for adequate periods of time. These are not just manufacturer's warranties on the materials; these are guarantees of workmanship and assistance with repairs or replacements.

There are certainly good roofers in Maine. If you keep in mind the guidelines for finding one, you will be rewarded with a long-lasting roof that will not only give your home the ultimate protection; it will add beauty and value to your home for years to come. In Maine, with the extremes of distinctly marked seasons, the effects of coastal salt air, and the unpredictable 'NorEaster's', it is especially essential for homeowners to aim for quality over quick fixes and cheap, shoddy workmanship.

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