Roof Maintenance and Repair in Portland Maine

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The Importance of Roof Maintenance

A roof is a costly investment, and a quality roof is essential for maintaining the quality and value of your home. No matter how much is spent on your initial roof, you will not be able to avoid roof maintenance. Maine, in particular, with its distinctive and dramatic seasonal changes, heavy snow fall, lush tree growth, and the occasional severe 'NorEaster,' requires a minimum annual inspection and regular roof maintenance. Maine homeowners will be paid back for their diligence with a longer-lasting, better looking roof that shelters one of your most valuable investments.

One of the biggest factors in roof deterioration and damage is trees that are too close or overhang the house. Leaves and needles that fall coat the roof, causing buildup that adds weight, deteriorates shingles, and retains moisture, which leads to further deterioration and the growth of mold, moss and fungus. Leaf build-up in gutters leads to a back-up of water that may pool on the roof. Tree branches moving in wind may also scratch the roof or lift shingles. Trees also keep the roof shaded, which further leads to moisture problems such as mold, moss and fungus.

Roof Maintenance Plans and Roof Cleaning in Portland ME

The most important roof maintenance for Maine is the removal of any tree that can touch or drop leaves on the roof, and also to cut back any trees or tree branches that excessively shade the roof. If leaves do drop on the roof, the roof should be regularly freed from them. An easy way to do this is with a leaf blower. In addition, gutters in heavily treed areas should be inspected often and cleaned whenever necessary.

Another factor to inspect for is any sort of dark streaking or discoloration. This is a sign of mold, algae, or fungus, so any sign of this requires roof maintenance. Maine is especially vulnerable to these conditions because of the amount of snow and rainfall, and, again, the lush tree growth. The growth should first be cleaned with a professional roof cleaning product, and then zinc strips, which kill and prevent growth, can be inserted at the ridge.

Roof Ventilation, Heating and Cooling Inspections in Maine

Roof ventilation is another cause for the growth of mold. Proper roof maintenance in Maine should include regular inspection of the attic space to inspect for mold growth or moisture, which is a result of poor ventilation-excessive heat in the summer and the use of indoor heating in the winter. If signs of moisture appear, you need to increase ventilation.

Repairing damaged shingles and flashing is also important for roof maintenance in Maine. You may be able to replace asphalt and wood shingles yourself, but hire a professional for other types of tile like slate and concrete. Do not ignore damaged shingles, they will cost you in expensive interior damage in a very short time.

Any weather will take its toll on your roof. You can add years to the life of it with regular roof maintenance. Maine weather is especially unforgiving, so be mindful of this when deciding how much you're willing to do to keep it in its best condition.

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