Re Roofing Your Maine Home

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Re-Roofing in Maine: Why Some Homeowners Should Read this!

I would be the first to admit that re-roofing a home is not a pleasant proposition. It's bound to be expensive, right? And messy. There's going to be a period of time when the roof is opened and the home is unprotected, and who can predict the weather? And who has time for such a project?

Re-roofing, for Maine homeowners, is often avoided for those reasons and more. But it's stupid. Your roof is what shelters one of your most valuable investments, and by avoiding re-roofing in Maine, with its dramatic seasonal changes, lush tree growth, heavy snow loads, and occasional severe winds, what's truly bound to be is damage to your home. Let's explore some of the more popular reasons for putting off re-roofing in Maine, and see why they don't make sense.

Replacing your Leaky Maine Roof

1. Re-roofing is going to cost me an arm and a leg! Okay, re-roofing is not cheap, we can all agree on that. But your roof is one element of a much more valuable structure. By avoiding re-roofing, Maine homeowners are leaving their homes vulnerable to avoidable damage. And few of these are cheap and easy to fix. Replacing shingles is not more expensive than replacing flooring, ceilings, interior roof supports, roof decking, skylights, etc., which can all be damaged by a failing, leaking roof. Moisture that invades the interior can lead to long-term issues with mold growth as well.

2. I can't tolerate the mess made from re-roofing! Re-roofing, for Maine homeowners, has indeed involved picking roofing nails out of shrubbery and off the driveway, unsightly piles of discarded roofing materials, and roofing debris scattered everywhere. This is negligence and laziness on the part of the contractor and staff, and it's completely avoidable. Re-roofing in Maine is a competitive business and are building their businesses and reputations through excellence. By making your expectations clear before the project starts, you should have no problem with any mess.

3. My house is exposed when the old roof is removed! Re-roofing in Maine is best handled by an experienced, reputable contractor who is fully staffed. If this is the case, removal is rapid and efficient and your contractor will provide tarps to shelter exposed areas in the case of inclement weather. There is no reason to allow your old roof to expose your home through leakage just to avoid having your roof opened up for a brief period under professional protection.

4. I don't have the time to deal with such a major project right now! Ask yourself: When would you have the time? What you really need time for is to research and interview reputable contractors who have experience with re-roofing Maine homes. This little investment in your time will free you to let the professionals deal with the actual project while you continue on with your busy life.

Excuses are easier than action,. Re-roofing in Maine, however, before your roof fails will, in the long run, make your life easier.

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