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Finding the Best Steel Roofing Contractor in ME

The history of steel mirrors the history of the United States of America in many ways. After all, steel is what railroad tracks were made of: the very same tracks that made it possible to transport goods across the entire country. Steel is what the beams were made of that made it possible to build skyscrapers: the very same ones that dot the landscapes of big cities all across the country; including Portland, Maine. Steel roofing, in many ways, is an extension of that tradition.

It was not too distant in the past, when the only roofing options available to a homeowner were asphalt shingles. But, these days there are dozens upon dozens of roofing options available to the average homeowner, whether they live in Portland, Oregon or Portland, Maine. Steel roofing has risen to prominence for many reasons: it is affordable, energy efficient, recyclable and more durable than many of the other traditional roofing materials available on the market.

The two main types of steel roofing in Maine

In Maine, steel roofing tends to be more popular in industrial buildings, but it is becoming more popular with homeowners. There is one main type of steel roofing, and it is known as a standing seam steel roof. This type of roof is distinctive because of the seams that fasten together the steel panels. The seams are made up of fasteners, which are actually about 1/2 inch higher than the steel panels that make up the roof.

Within the standing seam style are two subgroups: concealed fastened roofing and exposed fastened roofing. The differences between the two types are purely aesthetic, and depends on what look the homeowner likes more.

Also in Maine, steel roofing is available in pre-formed panels or site-formed panels. Pre-formed panels are created and standardized in factories and then shipped to the site for installation. Site-formed panels are made on-site, at the home, and are customized to certain specifications. Because of that, site-formed panels are much more expensive than pre-formed steel panels.

Advantages of steel roofing in all its forms

The advantages of steel roofing are many for residents in Maine. Steel roofing is great dureing the Winter time because it has seams, which make it much more difficult for leaks to come through the roof. Steel is also very strong and durable, and therefore less prone to damage from falling limbs and hail, and other dangers. Steel also tends to be much less expensive than many other types of roofing materials. Also, the most common reason why people tend to get steel roofing instead of other types is because of the attractive look of it. Steel roofing tends to have sleeker, smoother lines and gives off a "clean" look, as opposed to other types of roofing.

The aesthetics can go either way: some people do not like the "industrial" look of steel roofing. In Maine, steel roofing can also be more expensive because of contractors who charge more for installation of steel roofing than other types of roofing.

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