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Stylish Homes in Maine: How Roofing Materials Contribute to Great Architecture

You probably think the roof is the part of your home that you don't have to worry about in terms of design. Think about it: most people comment on your beautiful portico or verandah, your Greek-inspired columns, your brick fireplace, your Zen-inspired furnishings and fittings, but none of them ever go, "you have a great roof!" The most you'd get is a compliment for your ceiling but a roof and ceilings are two different things.

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The roof is the most ubiquitous part of the house because most of it is not on display. It's right smack on top of the house so it's usually just the sides that are visible. Unless people are looking down from, say, a neighboring high rise, the roof will mostly just be ignored. The ironic thing about it is the roof is actually a great contributor to a house's overall aesthetic. Aside from being its protective function it's also decorative. It's all just a matter of picking out the best roofing materials. In Maine, great architecture is visible everywhere. The city has a couple of iconic buildings in its skyline. When choosing roofing materials, choose those that best exemplify the style you're going for and are, of course, long lasting and durable.

To start of, there are those that are deemed called versatile roofing material. Maine structures sporting these (like concrete tiles or metal roofs) won't look like it generally because this type of material can be made to mimic a variety of textures and shapes. There are, for example, concrete tiles that may be fashioned to look like cedar shingles or shakes.

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For the more particular homeowners, you can also choose form a variety of unique and distinct roofing materials. For example, slate roofs are common in most Colonial and French inspired homes. For a more rustic, rugged look, wood might be the best choice. If you're house is in the style of a ranch house or a cottage or a country home, then wood shingles are definitely your best choice. Wood is definitely high maintenance though, so you might want to consider using synthetic shingles or shakes instead. There is very little difference in terms of look. Contemporary houses often sport more efficient roofing materials like metal, which provides great insulation and is as versatile as concrete tiles in terms of design. For the standard, American home, asphalt shingles are a classic option. Clay roofs are great for Mediterranean-inspired homes. Just think of the domed white roofs of the villages and Greece and you'll find great clay roof inspiration.

Never underestimate the power of a roof that is both durable and beautiful. The best design innovations are always those that marry form and function. If you invest in a great roof, you'll see that the effect is stunning. There are some structures that fall short because of this lack of attention to detail. If you want to stand out, use the proper roofing materials. Maine structures display elegance and class. Wouldn't it be great if you could consider your home part of this stylish club?

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