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maine roofing jobs

Is becoming a roofing contractor the right choice for you?

Roofing jobs in Maine have fared decently throughout the economic slump. This is because the weather and climate take a toll on Maine roofs, and a steady need for repairs and replacements create a steady need for roofing jobs. The Maine roofing industry has and can still offer work to those who are well-trained, skilled, and willing to work hard. Roofing jobs in Maine, however, are challenging for many people. It's a a strenuous outdoor job that may or may not suit you. Before investing in the training, it's wise to go through the following checklist to see if this is the right fit for you.

Things to consider before looking into roofing jobs in Maine

~How is your balance and physical fitness? Roofing jobs in Maine demand excellent balance for walking and and handling materials and tools on rooftops and ladder. In addition, roofing requires physical strength to carry and place the materials, handle tools, and stand, bend and kneel repetitively. You will have to climb ladders and remove roofing materials, which is often by shoveling and scraping them off.

~Do you have carpenter skills? Having a familiarity with common construction tools will give you a base to build more specific skills needed for roofing jobs. Maine roofing companies will invest more in apprentices who have some experience handling tools and construction materials.

~Are you tolerant to the elements? Roofing jobs in Maine don't wait for the perfect weather. You will be working outdoors under fierce sun at times, in wind and rain at others, and in freezing and snowy winter conditions. Often, severe weather itself causes a surge in necessary emergency roof repairs, which means you will likely find yourself working overtime in the most extreme elements.

~How much time do have to invest in training? To gain enough skills and experience to become a competent roofer, roofing jobs in Maine require a combination of classroom time and apprenticeship-around 150 hours in the classroom and 2000 hours on the job. For an apprenticeship only, you can count on three years working for low pay before you are considered a truly skilled roofer.

~How much money do you hope to earn? The current average salary for a skilled roofer is around $30,000. There are sometimes opportunities for overtime, but otherwise the salary remains relatively steady without remarkable jumps. If you are ambitious and have business skills, however, you can work toward opening your own roofing business. At this point, your local market, drive, and business acumen will dictate what you can earn. Roofing jobs in Maine will always be there for the person who earns them. With a professional attitude and satisfied customers you could someday be in charge of a lucrative business.

If you are still undecided whether roofing jobs in Maine are your path to a career, talk to contractors and business owners involved with roofing jobs. Maine roofers are your best bet for helping you make a decision and start your training sooner than later.

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