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The Basics Guide for Maine Roofing Contractors: The Functions of a Roof

For roofing contractors in the Maine area, this article is a quick refresher course on the basics of building. For those who are just starting out, then this is your guide to building the best roofs that you can!

So before you head off to knocking together a couple of roofing projects, let us remind you of the three basic functions of a roof is in order. A score of two out of three is great (since not all people are too keen on the third function) but a perfect score is awesome. So if you're trying to gauge if your roofs are up to par, always remember that they must be able to perform the following functions:

Roof Insulation and Maintenance in Portland Maine

This is the primary function of a roof. Since time immemorial, a roof has always been man's best protection against the elements, especially during times that Mother Nature decides to throw a fit and the weather turns psychotic. With the increasing effects of climate change, insulation becomes an even more important issue. In Maine, roofing contractors have to contend with a host of weather situations, such as heavy snowfall and hot days. The materials used to build roofs should be considered for their insulating properties. Some natural materials like thatch or slate have great inherent insulating properties but the synthetic materials often necessitate the installation of an extra insulating layer installed. Aside from the climate, roofs should also be able to insulate against noise and dirt. This is where construction comes in. A well-constructed roof is able to incorporate all these into the structure.

Maine Roof Leaks and Roofing Repairs

A roof is also used to facilitate drainage. Since it is used to keep water out, the same should be redirected in order to prevent damage and wear to the materials of the roof and also to prevent it from weakening the structural integrity of roof. The pitch of a roof is a great example to illustrate this point. A flat roof is great in areas that experience little to no rainfall but a pitched roof is ideal for areas with heavy rainfall and snowfall. This is because the angle of the roof allows the water to sluice down. Also, a drainage system prevents the water or snow from seeping into the other parts of the house like its walls. With a functional drainage system, damage is kept to a minimum.

Roofing Ventilation - Energy Savings for your Maine Home

There are also some people who use their roofs to generate electricity or power, like the solar-power roofs that use sunlight to provide power to the home. Although not that common in Maine, roofing contractors would do well to also familiarize themselves with this particular function as renewable forms of energy and a green lifestyle seem to be the emerging trend. Energy production can be achieved by using materials that can harness power, like solar shingles or panels.

So there you have it. The three basic functions of a roof made simple to help out budding Maine roofing contractors in their business endeavors!

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