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How to Avoid Getting Burned by Maine Roofers

Your house is one of your most valuable investments, and your roof is one of your most valuable assets in protecting your home. Workers standing in the parking lot at your do-it-yourself center or advertising on Craigslist are not necessarily legitimate and competent Maine roofers. They may be good at what they do. And then again, they may not. Taking a little time to find a good contractor can help you avoid bungled workmanship, while backing up the job with guarantees and quality assurances.

Maine Roofers and Getting the Best New Roof

Scanning and picking through the list of Maine roofers in the yellow pages is still not enough to ensure you've chosen the best contractor. A license and advertisement don't tell you much about the quality of the Maine roofer's work, and they don't give a clue as to the Maine roofer's reputation. It is no different when using an online search for a reputable contractor. You really must take the time to interview Maine roofers who are interested in giving a bid on your project.

First things first, you do not want an unlicensed, uninsured person doing any sort of work on your property. This puts you at liability in the case of any damage or injury. Maine roofers who are serious about building a reputable business will have these and be able to prove it, so don't waste your time interviewing Maine roofers who don't.

Things To Ask When Interviewing Maine Roofers

  • 1. How long has this contractor been in business? A decent time span not only proves experience, but should provide you with more customer references and referrals from the Better Business Bureau.
  • 2. What is this Maine roofer's specialty? A flat roof or commercial specialist may not be the best slate layer on a steeply pitched roof, etc.
  • 3 How knowledgeable is he about material choices and architecture? Maine roofers will know the best options for your area and your type of structure.
  • 4. How many new construction homes has he worked on? Replacements? Look for multiple experiences with the sort of project you are planning.
  • 5. What is this Maine roofer's pricing structure and what it is based on? A solid pricing system will ensure that the bid given is the ultimate price you will pay.
  • 6. What sorts of guarantee/warranties are offered? Good Maine roofers should include labor and workmanship guarantees.
  • 7. How many people work for this company? It's best to avoid one-man operations with hired, low or unskilled laborers.
  • 8. Is the staff well trained and experienced? Try to find out what the staff wage scale, as this will reflect on their training and experience.
  • 9. Are the Maine roofer's customers willing to provide phone references? Happy customers most always back their contractors. In addition, written testimonials can be easily faked.

With the right answers to these questions that lengthy list of Maine roofers can be narrowed down to your ideal choice and assist you getting the best quality work to protect your home for the long term.

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