Maine Roof Maintenance Plans and Winter Repairs

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The Main Reasons for Maine Roof Maintenance

In Maine, Roof Maintenance is unavoidable if you want to keep your roof looking good, performing well, and lasting as long as possible. There are special challenges for Maine roof maintenance, based mostly on the weather, climate, lush tree growth and occasional heavy winds. The following is a checklist of roof maintenance issues that should help you understand and guide any homeowner in Maine in roof maintenance.

Maine Roofing Maintenance and Cleaning Services

1. Do you have trees near your house that overhang it, excessively shade it, drop leaves and needles onto it, and have brashes that brush up against it? In Maine, roof maintenance requires strict tree management. Remove or trim back any trees that overhang or touch the roof. Blow or clean off any leaves from the roof, and inspect and clean your gutters as often as they need it.

2. Is your attic properly ventilated? For those of you in Maine, roof maintenance includes inspecting the attic. Summer heat build up and excessive use of indoor heating in the winter will cause moisture and mold growth in the attic, which will damage your roof decking and lead to mold growth on the roof. If you find any sign of mold or moisture, increase your roof and attic ventilation.

3. Are there signs of black or dark streaking or discoloration on the roof? These indicate the growth of mold, algae, or fungus, which cause roof moisture detention and deterioration. Clean your roof first with a professional roof cleaning product, then add zinc strips to the ridge to prevent and kill the growth.

4. Do you see signs of loose or damaged shingles? These will lead to roof leaks, which will cause both roof and interior damage. These are not uncommon in Maine. Roof maintenance will ensure you catch the damage early. You may be able to replace damaged asphalt or wood shingles, but leave all other replacements to the professionals.

5. Are all seals and seams, such as those around roof vents, skylights, and joints, smooth and uncracked? Is any of the flashing damaged? These will need to be replaced when necessary because they will allow interior leakage, damaging both the roof decking and your ceilings. It is best to hire a professional to replace or reseal any of this.

6. If you have a metal roof, do you see signs of corrosion? There is a special coating made to protect metal roofing from corrosion, but it needs to be periodically replaced. At the first sign of corrosion, clean the corrosion off, then recoat the roofing with a professional product. In addition, some metal roofs are damaged by snow load. If possible, remove heavy snow load as it occurs.

Keeping a healthy roof should be a priority for homeowners in Maine. Roof maintenance will not prolong the life of your roof, it will increase the life and appearance of your entire home. Maine roof maintenance is one of the best investments you can make in your home.

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