Re-Roofing and Maine Roof Replacements

maine re roofing replacement

Has your Maine Roof Reached its end?

A wise homeowner will plan on replacing the roof before the roof begins to fail. In Maine, re-roofing can be counted on at some point because of the stress on roofs from the natural elements. Roofs deteriorate naturally because of heavy snow loads, the cracking that comes from freezing/thawing and UV rays, heavy downpours and severe winds. In addition, in Maine, re-roofing is often the result of the beautiful, lush trees that Maine residents value so much, but have such a devastating effect on roofs.

Sometimes it's just neglect, sometimes it's money and budgeting issues, and sometimes it's about avoiding a messy, time-consuming project. For whatever reason, re-roofing is commonly put off by homeowners in Maine. Re-roofing is dealt with only when the damage becomes unfixable and the project is inevitable. This isn't the wisest way to go, because not only is your roof deteriorating, you're going to have interior damage from leaking and exterior structural damage from failed gutters and flashing.

Maine Roof Replacements All Year Long

When it's time for you to deal with your re-roofing project, it's best to find a local contractor who has experience roofing in Maine. Re-roofing can be more complicated than the original new construction job because it involves removing the old materials first, and quite likely repairing damage that has been caused by a failing roof system. Make sure before hiring a contractor that you have checked the contractor's references and credentials.

Many roofs are made of asphalt shingles, which are a popular roofing material in Maine. Re-roofing in this case is possible without removing the old shingles, depending on their condition and how many layers already exist. Instead, the original shingles can be overlaid with a new layer if there are only one or two layers already existing. It's a fairly easy process that some homeowners do without outside help By overlaying, you will save money and time by avoiding the removal process. This could be important for residents in Maine. Re-roofing often becomes unavoidable following severe weather that brings the problem to the homeowner's attention. In this case, it's not fun to be out in the elements working on a roof, and it's not easy to keep the interior dry during the process. Skipping removal could save days and stop further damage.

Highest Quality Roof Repairs and Replacements in Maine

Re-roofing doesn't have to be the nightmare you might think it is. This is especially true with the pride of homeownership that is typical in Maine. Re-roofing is your chance to breathe fresh life into your home and property. It's also your opportunity to change your roofing materials. That boring three-tab roof that needed cleaning twice a year could be replaced by a colorful, seamless metal roof or high-class, longer-lasting slate roof. Avoiding the project will do nothing to improve your home, and will leave it vulnerable to the harsh elements in Maine. Re-roofing will most certainly add value and beauty to your home while ensuring that the entire structure is protected from further damage.

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