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Why asphalt shingles may be the best option for affordable roofing in Maine

In this challenging economy, considering a roof for your home is a major decision. You want the best roof possible, and one that will be low in maintenance and long in lifespan. It must look good and add value to your house. You also have a budget and need to limit | David Deschaine Roofing Contractors Maine | Free Roofing Estimatesyour search to the most affordable roofing. Maine homeowners have additional challenges in finding the right roofing for the right price that will do the job despite the dramatic seasonal changes, heavy snow loads, lush tree growth, blazing summer sun, and occasional severe winds.

The most popular roofing in Maine is also one of the most affordable roofing. Maine homeowners choose asphalt shingles, also known as three-tab roofing, by far above all other roofing materials. Asphalt shingles work well on any pitched roof, and have no problem to adhering to steeply pitched roofs. They are resilient to the weather and climate in Maine, and they are easy to install and maintain.

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Asphalt shingles don't need to look cheap. In the past, they came in a basic style with mundane base colors that clearly marked them as affordable roofing. Maine homeowners take pride in their homes, however, and as the market competition has increased, the manufacturers have stepped up in design and quality. They now come in a variety of styles and colors, to complement most any home or neighborhood style. The most basic shingles will run you around $80- to $100 per square (a 10 foot by 10 foot area) or up to $300 for the best quality fiberglass based designer shingles, which can look strikingly like slate. Compare this to real slate, which runs around $400- to $600 per square.

Asphalt shingles will save you in installation as well, especially if you're a do-it-yourselfer. Asphalt shingles are the easiest to install of the options in affordable roofing. Maine homeowners can save more than half the price of a new roof simply by installing it themselves. In addition, it is usually easy and very affordable to maintain and repair any damage. Damaged shingles can easily be pulled and replaced without hiring a contractor, and simple maintenance, such as clearing debris, preventing mold, moss and fungal growth from happening, and keeping trees trimmed away, will ensure your asphalt shingles will protect your home for up to twenty years.

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Asphalt shingles are readily available, through roofing companies and on the shelves of your local do-yourself center. They can also be special ordered to suit your unique style and preference. They fit into your budget and do the job you need while keeping your home's appearance neat, handsome, and well attended. When considering affordable roofing, Maine homeowners have already made asphalt shingles their top choice. You can choose the same affordable roofing as Maine homeowners and builders with the confidence that you will have a manageable, long-lasting and durable roof for years to come.

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