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Flat out facts about flat roofing in Maine

Let's face it, Winter is not a very fun time for the residents of Maine. In fact, it can be downright brutal. The piles and piles of snow and the months and months of freezing temperatures can really take the spunk out of life, in many regards. This goes for pretty much everything, including the very thing above your head: the roof. Roofs are meant to take a beating, but they too get worn out after a decade or two.

That is why it is important to act now, and to take preemptive measures while it is still warm out, in order to fix or replace the roof entirely. There are many types of roofs, but the most common is probably flat roofing in Maine.

Different types of roofs There are dozens upon dozens of different options available to someone who is looking to replace their roof: aluminum, slate and tile, among many others. On top of that, there are numerous different kinds of roof styles within each category stated above. Flat roofing in Maine can be seen on many of the buildings in the downtown cores of cities, as well as the most common roofing used in apartments throughout all the big cities, including Portland.

Maine Flat Roofing Material Contractors

Flat roofing is a distinct type of roofing that is exactly what it sounds like: a roof that is flat. Typically, roofs are slanted or sloped, this is especially true where homes are concerned- and especially in Maine, and the New England region as a whole.

Types of Residential Roofing Materials in Southern Maine

There are three main types of flat roofing styles, with their own materials and techniques. Each style has their own benefits and disadvantages, and in the end, the choice mostly depends on a matter of personal preference. Here are the three most common flat roofing materials: 1. Built-up flat roofs (BURs): Built-up flat roofs are made of layers of thin asphalt, that is layered in a criss-cross pattern and sealed with tar. This is the most common type of flat roof and can be seen in many industrial buildings. It also goes by the name, rolling asphalt roofing. Usually, built-up flat roofs feature a thin layer of granite on the last layer of roofing material. 2. Single ply roofing: Unlike BURs, Single ply flat roofing is only one layer and usually that layers is made out of rubber, or a rubber-like material. 3. Spray-on and paint-on roofing: Flat roofing in Maine comes in many forms, and this is probably the most common because it is easy to maintain and fairly inexpensive. Like the name implies, these types of roofing are applied to a flat roof, and form a seal that insulates the building.

There is not much of a price difference between the various types of flat roofing materials, as they will all cost between $250 and $350 per square foot, on average. But, when it comes to flat roofing in Maine, it all depends on the size of the roof, among many other factors.

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