Affordable Roofing Materials in Maine

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The best cost-effective roofing for Maine's homeowners

For many homeowners in Maine, affordable roofing is a serious challenge. You want to pinch pennies but if pinching pennies sacrifices quality, the pennies are going to be flowing sometime down the road. Solving this dilemma means sifting through not only what roofing products cost, but how effective they are, how much maintenance they require, and how long they're expected to last. In addition, you need to consider the costs of installation.

First, you must understand the toll the weather and climate take on roofing in Maine. Affordable roofing still has to be effective. In the case of Maine, affordable roofing must withstand heavy snow loads, ample rain, lush tree growth, and blazing summer heat and humidity. So, despite budget limitations the roofing must perform to a certain degree.

Finding the most Affordable Maine Roofing Contractor

Luckily there are good products in Maine-affordable roofing materials that can withstand all Maine weather has to offer. One of the most affordable is wood, and it is also popular aesthetically in many Maine home designs, especially coastal areas. Wood comes in shingles and shakes (the shakes are preferable). Red cedar is the most common type of wood used for shakes, and it has the benefit of excellent insect resistance. Wood shakes in Maine deteriorate slowly and age beautifully.

Another popular material that is readily available is asphalt shingles. Because they come in such a wide variety of styles and colors they can match up most any architectural design in Maine. Affordable roofing is not just about the cost of materials, as was mentioned earlier. It's about the cost of installation, and asphalt shingles are probably the easiest do-it-yourself materials among all of the roofing options. They can be purchased off the shelves at box stores to save you even more money, and are fairly low maintenance, with a fairly long life. As is witnessed by its heavy use, asphalt shingles are considered value-effective in both new construction and replacement roofs.

Maine Affordable Metal Roofing Installers

Metal roofing has become more popular as a household roofing in option in Maine. Affordable roofing is directly linked to maintenance costs and lifespan, and metal roofing delivers on this. Made from aluminum or galvanized steel, metal roofs can be installed seamlessly and come in a variety of colors to enhance any style of home. Precoated metal roofs are virtually maintenance-free and can last upwards of fifty years. They are strong enough to handle a heavy snow load and even when damaged by treefall, can usually remain leak-free. Installation usually requires a professional, but it is quick, which reduces labor costs.

Only you will know which type of roofing style pleases you the most, but it's good to know the options available that will most likely fit your budget and do a good job on your house. Keep in mind that certain styles look better in certain areas of Maine. Affordable roofing can always be found to fit or complement these styles. Whatever your choice, there is something available to fit your budget.

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